John Lloyd Young, Michael Lomenda and Erich Bergen Interview (audio)

20/06/2014 by Andrea Chase for

It would, perhaps, be more of a surprise if, in the course of an interview, no one from JERSEY BOYS did an impression of their co-star Christopher Walken. I may have forced the issue just a little by asking John Lloyd Young, Michael Lomenda, and Erich Bergen if being in Walken’s proximity prompted them to perfect their impression of him, or of their director Clint Eastwood. Aside from that bit of frippery, what I most wanted to know from them when we spoke on June 16, 2014, was what it was like to finally be able to see their performances after playing, respectively, Frankie Valli, Nick Massi, and Bob Gaudio on stage for so many years. Their answers were both moving and perceptive, as were their memories of going onstage with JERSEY BOYS for the first time. In Young’s case, it was the first performance ever, and the public was not clamoring for another “jukebox” musical. Charming, funny, and energetic, they were an interview that ended much too soon.

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