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...Welcome All...A shout out from JLYIC Admin

Dear guests,

as I see, regardless an upcoming official opening, the most curious of you started to register here. Please, be aware that the web-site is still in beta-testing so some things and content can be slightly changed (for the better, of course 😉 ). Sending warm welcome hug to all JLY fans and supporters!

This web-site is obviously dedicated to John Lloyd Young and promotes no one else but him.

Basically, my aim is to spread a word about him on other continents and help his new fans to connect worldwide and have access to the substantial info translated into wide-spread languages.

Second goal is to make a stable base of all info about him, scattered around the web.

In the nearest future I will surely need help of the most active and devoted JLY Club members (media content updating, translations, your ideas, etc etc). So, get ready and contact me if you are willing to assist.

Do not hesitate to introduce yourself here! Let's know each other better. [I will write more about myself as soon as I have some more free time.. So you start :)]

Enjoy Your day,


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I came here because a Facebook friend found this and provided the link.

I have been a JLY fan for a little over a year now....

I discovered him through the movie "Jersey Boys" (of course!) and gradually fell head over heels for him.

If it loads, here is a photo of me with him at his show in North Hollywood on May 31...(a belated birthday present for myself!)

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Oh. And my user name? It's the title of a poem that I wrote for him last year which was given to him at a concert last summer.

When I met him the first time in turns out that he knew me from my writing on Facebook!!!

So I tend to frequently reference that particular poem...


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