So I found my way to your corner of the 'net for my JLY fix. I've been a fan but only since 2015, I was a bit later than most but better late then never.

How I "discovered" JLY was the way most of us did, through Jersey Boys. I'd returned hlme from a weekend camping trip with my hubby's family, and turned on my tv and Jersey Boys was on. Immediately I was drawn to the "little man with the big voice" as my daughter said, the talent was incredible and that face...who could resist???? Not me, that was for sure. Upon finishing the film, I hopped onto the computer to find out who this man was and as I learned more about him, I was hooked.

It's late so I'll finish up for now, I will post more tomorrow, including my Facebook URL for my JLY group(s), but if you are looking to have someone to help you out, please let me know.

Talk to you all later my friends!

Te Veo - See You