Jersey Boys Show Reviews

“The first headline is that John Lloyd Young, the actor who will portray Frankie Valli on Broadway, is amazing. No, he’s not the second coming of Frankie, but he’s still amazing. I think he’s a better singer than David Norona, whom I thought was terrific in the La Jolla production, and most people who have heard both tend to prefer John. John has a lot of rehearsing ahead of him to do as good an acting job as David did, but I feel confident he will meet the challenge.” — Charles Alexander, 2005

As to John Lloyd Young’s Frankie Valli, suffice it to say that my impression was that every vocal trick that Frankie was capable of is ably and lovingly represented here with a spirit & skill due an immortal talent! — Crescenzo Capece, 2005

When the Four Seasons are set up front on the stage and start belting out Sherry, the audience was electrified by John Lloyd Young nailing all the high notes of the song, in the original key. The audience explodes in thunderous and extended applause. The actors are singing their hearts out. I had to actually look around the audience to see if it was really happening or if I was just imagining it. — George Guba, 2005

Inevitably, though, the star of the show has to be John Lloyd Young who plays Valli as the little guy with the big heart and voice. Not only does he resemble Valli in his youth but his vocal replication of Valli is quite uncanny. So when the group performs “Dawn” you really feel transported back to 1964 and at the end of “Can’t take my eyes off you” when he takes his bow, there seem to be two levels present – appreciation of John Lloyd Young’s brilliant performance and (because JLY seems almost a reincarnation) also of Valli. — Martin Wright