John Lloyd Young Quotes

John Lloyd Young Quotes

In Jersey pretending is what makes you win.

If I don’t wanna be known for what I do in one sort of flying with a radar and I’ll be asked for the following questions, sometimes I just make sort of a vague statement like I work in construction. And I was to find really funny that people believe that.

Sometimes i’m just so excited by life that I don’t wanna go to sleep.

I wish I had a talent for accounting because then I wouldn’t have to worry so much about whether I’m doing those sort of things right, they would just come naturally.

(If I had a chance to have coffee with any artist) it would probably be Salvador Dali because I’d really be interested in seeing where a conversation with a surrealist would go and whether I would understand all of his vague ambiguous answers to my questions.

Kung Fu is a practice that just forces you into action, I mean your body is in motion and you are doing things that just really sort of sublime and it’s sort of weird or bad emotions. I’ve found more grounded feeling in life.

Maybe someone should try to mug me at the stage door, then I’d be like the Bruce Lee of Broadway. I could like creme someone at the stage door, it would be viral in 3 seconds.

No one notices things on-line unless it’s odd.

I was like oh my God, that’s great – turning mass produced familiar objects into precious works of art and putting them under museum glass. Cause’ Warhol did the opposite thing: he took very popular images and painted them and then tried to reproduce them as much as possible, the reproducibility was a part of pop art. Well, taking something that is reproducible all over the world but slowing it down and stopping it in its tracks and making a unique piece of art […] is like kind of a joke but it’s also a sophisticated art history joke.

I don’t know what I wanna do but I know how I wanna feel.

All artists have a little bit of mischief in them in any arts.

You can do anything you want in art. You might offense someone or you might do something wrong but hey, it’s really fun to experiment.

I challenge anybody who doesn’t see the importance of arts in our lives to throw away all their books, turn off their television, never watch another movie again, and never listen to another song. And see if they can survive without any of that stuff.

I am going to do a ten-word bio that is exactly what I think is the most important: “Thank god for arts education; he never would have survived.”

If you’ve got artists on your side, your message will win at the end of the day. So be nice to artists.

I will not bow to cruelty.

If you give children an escape from their regimentation, if you give them an escape from maybe the ignorance they are raised in at home, and you give them an oasis to come to everyday where not only do they learn important things—math, science and all of that, computers—but they also learn to open up, to dream, to imagine, to innovate, to create, to think outside the box, and you train them in those skills, when they become adults… when they grow up, they will be the type of citizens who can inspire other people, who know how to fashion a message for important purposes and can possibly rescue all of us.

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