John Lloyd Young Quotes

John Lloyd Young Quotes

One thing that seems clear throughout art history is that there is often, and quite expectedly, a tension between the artist and patron, the artist and critic, the artist and the public, the artist and the State and the artist and other artists.
Get used to the ribbing – it is a foregone accompaniment of the artist’s life.
Here and there, though, there is triumph, glory and delight in seeing one’s vision realized.
Live for those moments.

(I can)
     (je ne peux)
     (yo puedo)

If you take anything away from Frankie Valli’s personal story it’s this: Everything is temporary, but talent and heart are forever. When I was researching the role, I had a long lunch with the real Bob Gaudio. I asked him, “What was your first impression of Frankie?” He said, “He was a little man with a big heart.” And the first time I met Mr. Valli, he pointed to his heart and said, “They’ll tell you no, but they can never get at this.” What’s been confirmed for me through JERSEY BOYS both onstage and off – mostly off – is that they’ll never get at that. Your talent and your heart are eternal, no matter what anyone says or does. No matter what tricks they might try to pull to take off its lustre (and they will pull tricks), if it’s real, it will shine through so brightly that no one can ever extinguish it. Once, when I was a young teenager, I told my Italian grandfather, Mike Cianciola, “I don’t want to sing anymore.” He said, “God gave you a gift. It is your obligation to use it.” Anyone with a talent, a gift, or a higher goal has an obligation to themselves and to the world to get it out there, to aggressively bushwack their way through the naysayers, and, most importantly: Never. Give. Up.

[…] getting up here speaking publicly, getting up in front of the camera or getting up in front of a group of people presenting your findings, leadership in any field — requires the ability and the experience of getting up in front of other people and creatively making your case.

[…] if you are willing to get up and do a dance recital in front of your friends and fall down, later in life it isn’t about necessarily building the next generation of dancers or painters, it is about building the next generation of leaders who can get up and present ideas to the fellow citizens.

If you’re not willing to look me in the eye, don’t whisper in my ear.

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