My Turn CD Reviews by listeners

John Lloyd Young My Turn CD Reviews

John Lloyd Young has more talent in his little finger than most artists have in their entire bodies. I am so impressed by his portrayal of Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, including his impeccable vocals – but I am even more blown away by this album. His range and depth of emotion get me every time I play “My Turn”. Baritone, falsetto…this man can do it all. This is one CD I will probably need to order a second copy of, just because I’m afraid I will wear the first one out due to continuous play. […] He blows the original versions of these songs out of the water… Get this CD now – you will be forever thankful that you did.

I have a whole house stereo system, with 18 ft high ceilings in portions, and the ability to open speakers and different channels onto the courtyard patio at the same time. It is unbelievable to hear his voice resonate throughout the house and patio. In fact, my neighbor called and asked me to “play it again” after her husband come home from a out of town work trip. They sat on their deck sipping wine…then said “Who is this guy”…..
I can only hope John does more …. and more…and more…..I’ll buy them all !

Wow. Just…….WOW!!!!!!! This young man blows the doors off the place!!! Every song is so well crafted for his voice, one may almost forget what the original version sounds like. Each song sounds so…..effortless…. for him, but you know a *lot* of work went into every note. JLY has done so right by these classics, it makes me anxious waiting for more music from him. […] When you play this CD, close your eyes and you’ll swear he’s singing right over your shoulder. 🙂 […]

All the superlative compliments are true and accurate. I was playing the cd when a very talkative friend of mine stopped mid-sentence and emphatically asked “Who IS this? I want that cd!” Congratulations, Mr. Young. No one has ever been able to shut my friend’s motor mouth off.
[…]His rendition of Mel Carter’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” left me breathless. “Ebb Tide”…my heart melted into a puddle. The passion of his heart and soul come through in every song. He is a rare talent, both in his singing and acting. I would have named the cd “Breathless”. Thank you, Mr. Young.

Very few singers have the amazing and effortless four octave voice that John Lloyd Young has. The best part is the emotion that comes through when he sings. He is a stand out in today’s world of singers who largely sound alike. Incredible showman. I downloaded My Turn and then bought a CD as well. I cannot wait for his next CD. UPDATE: I have now seen him live several times finding his voice to be even more than incredible than I would have believed. I still l listen to his music daily and never get tired of it. He is THAT good!

This man is incredible! I’ve never heard such a smooth and silken voice. When he sings it’s like honey pouring out of a jar.[…]

It isn’t often that you will find an album that will have an entire set of tracks that will appeal, perhaps there is one or two you would usually skip by, to get to the good songs. “My Turn” is the sort of album that will challenge this habit. Each song comprises thoughtful and harmonious arrangement; with powerful delivery of the lyrics – evoking emotion beyond words. There’s no auto-tuning, and it’s almost like you are sitting in an audience on Broadway, or at one of his cabarets in California or New York.

LOVE John Lloyd Young’s music. He is FABULOUS – bigger than Sinatra!!

[…]an excellent and well versed technically brilliant singer who can capture an audience.– Louis DeVaughn Nelson

You will feel like he is singing right next to you when you listen to this album […]. It is not technologically doctored up in anyway, just his voice and instruments. Unlike anything I’ve heard in a very long time (perhaps ever). It is such an intimate album that you can hear him take deep breaths before every long note. Those breaths remind me of how much he threw himself into this album both emotionally and physically. You will love it; listening to My Turn has occasionally brought me to tears. There are no words left to speak.

I never have really been a music person. I have probably bought 5 cds in my whole life. The Jersey Boys movie soundtrack and John Lloyd Young’s “My Turn” are among the 5. I listen to them constantly on a loop in the car and on the computer. His voice is just amazing. Such range and I get chills when he hits the high notes.

His choice of songs and his voice are really remarkable. Every song is my favorite.
After watching John Lloyd Young in Jersey Boys (Frankie Valli) I found out by looking him up, that he was my best friend from school’s son!! Can you imagine that, sitting in the movies, falling in love with this guy and his voice, he was my friend’s son, who, unfortunately passed when John was 2, so never knew the talent she created. OR maybe she does?? We lost contact with one another after she married and I went into the working world!
You will not be sorry buying this CD, and remember I bought these without knowing who he was.

To Friend in heaven, girl… did good!!! xoxo

First let me say that I am a Rick Springfield and Tokio Hotel fan so I don’t usually listen to this type of music.[…] I found out about My Turn and downloaded the album. I have been listening to the music over and over repeatedly again and again.[…] The music is worth your time. It makes you feel and it makes you smile and it definitely makes you want to sing. That’s the magic of John Lloyd Young’s voice. A gift from God for sure.[…]

If you could rate this album 10 stars, I would do it. Absolutely astounding voice. Haven’t heard anyone sing close to this sound – maybe ever! What a gift from God. It has to be, as his voice is so perfect and mesmerizing. The songs chosen for the album are perfect for John. Hope he does a follow up album in the same style. In my opinion it rates a Grammy nomination. That good!

John Lloyd Young has an amazingly beautiful voice! His remake of classic songs will leave you believing you are hearing them for the first time and convince you that there was never any other version! Bravo!